Dordogne, France

October 29th – November 2nd 2021


Join Aude and Bruce for this individual based transformative therapeutic retreat in the heart of The Dordogne region of France.  

Within this retreat both Bruce and Aude will be working with individuals in both private and group sessions to help uncover resistance within your life, restore balance, increase harmony and wellness and return to a life of flow and abundance.  

Aude will be guiding individuals through private and group hypnotherapy, talk therapy, sophrology, and visualization practices with the aim of uncovering resistance and blockages within the body mind and spirit

Bruce will then be guiding individuals into a space of healing and restoration through the issues and blockages that are discovered in sessions with Aude.  He will focus on energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, plant medicine therapies, breathwork, and yoga all to help move the energy within the body, mind, and spirit. 


What our participants say:

Our time with Aude and Bruce in the French countryside gave us the space we needed to really heal and restore our relationship.  The mix of therapy and wellness practice was perfectly arranged to meet us where we are and help us understand how we can move forward.  This was an amazing experience and we fully recommend it

– TG & JG

What our participants say:

We didn’t realize how much we could uncover, release and heal within a few days but with the guidance and full support from both Bruce and Aude we were able to really move some big hurdles in our relationship.  You’ll work hard during your retreat, but you will come away a new and much healthier couple in the end!  We can’t thank you enough!

– YM & EJ

What our participants say:

Thank you to both Aude and Bruce for creating a safe and loving space for us to reconnect and deepen our relationship.  We were focusing on exploring ways to take our relationship to that next level and really were able to unlock new doors with the tantric work, meditation practice and couple therapy… We recommend a retreat with Bruce and Aude fully!

– AG & GG

What our participants say:

My time with Aude and Bruce was simply put, an amazing retreat.  I really loved how they shaped the experience to both the needs of the group and the needs of the individual, indeed the retreat was fully custom designed and set up, and it was clear that everyone in attendance took heaps from the experience.  The retreat was well balanced, the content was exceptionally through and well presented, the setting is idyllic and the food was spot on.  Thank you to both of you for such a wonderful experience!

– JJ

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