4 Day Energy Healing & Therapy Retreat in France


October 29th – November 2nd 2021

Mauzac-et-Grand-Castang, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Join Aude and Bruce for this individual based transformative therapeutic retreat in the heart of The Dordogne region of France.  

Within this retreat both Bruce and Aude will be working with individuals in both private and group sessions to help uncover resistance within your life, restore balance, increase harmony and wellness and return to a life of flow and abundance.  

Aude will be guiding individuals through private and group hypnotherapy, talk therapy, sophrology, and visualization practices with the aim of uncovering resistance and blockages within the body mind and spirit

Bruce will then be guiding individuals into a space of healing and restoration through the issues and blockages that are discovered in sessions with Aude.  He will focus on energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, plant medicine therapies, breathwork, and yoga all to help move the energy within the body, mind, and spirit.